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Architects & Designers

Architects and designers are some of Techno Type’s most regular customers for more reason than one. Not only do we offer comprehensive advice and support but we also cater for many aspects of your work life and business, including your printing needs, office requirements and specialist drawing/design equipment.

Printing, Scanning and Lamination

Using our state of the art HP wide format inkjet printer and the finest quality Vivera inks, Techno Type ensures all of your printing needs are not only covered, but produced to the highest standard guaranteed. With a choice of paper ranging from 90g CAD to 175g satin or gloss finish, available in black & white or colour at any paper size up to A0, we cater for all types of work, from simple line drawing building plans to full colour professional design prints.

We also offer a scanning service which enables you to have your work scanned and saved as either a JPEG or PDF. This file can then be saved to a USB/hard drive or emailed directly to your account. Colour scanning is available at up to A3 paper size, and we even cater for paper sizes up to A0 in black & white.

Techno Type also appreciates that many architects and designers are required to travel to all kinds of building sites and other outdoor locations to present their plans, in all types of weather, and so it’s not always easy to keep your work in good order. To help remedy this, we offer lamination in various paper sizes including A4, A3, A2 and A1. This process seals your work in a protective plastic coating, ensuring that your work is safe from the elements!

Stationery and Supplies

We offer a broad range of equipment, tools and drawing office supplies that cater for your line of work, including:-

  • Drawing/sketch pads
  • Telescopic drawing carriers
  • Hang-a-Plan trolleys
  • Portfolio carriers
  • Artline pens
  • Pigment liners
  • Scale rules
  • Rapidograph pens
  • Templates
  • Scalpels
  • Mounting board
  • Stencils
  • and more…



We can even supply specialist furniture for those who require a custom space for their work or would like something to help ease their workload. For example, we offer the unique Elev-8 range, which enables the user to adjust the height of their work bench and choose whether they sit or stand to do their work – perfect for those who work long hours at their desk and could use some time on their feet! Beneficial for health and wellbeing, it’s definitely worth investigating our custom furniture further to improve your workday.

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