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large corporates

Large Corporates

Whilst we may have started small, Techno Type is now proud to be a nationwide business supplier. Competing with big industry names, we can offer your business competitive rates to beat the rest!

Unlike the big name suppliers who offer faceless, impersonal service, our team of staff will take the time to get to know you, your company and your business needs. We tailor our services to suit you and your custom requirements. We even offer our account customers their own virtual space on our online portal. This allows you to easily access your frequently ordered items, alongside receiving special discounts, guidance, product information, and much more…

Our team is always at hand to speak with you personally. We help you to maintain stock control, manage your budget and find exactly what you need. Account customers can benefit from fixed prices on regularly ordered items, transparent discounts across our entire product range and free costing reviews! With a catalogue of over 29,000 office products available, in addition to a broad range of other business products and services, we’re a company that’s worth investing in.

Check out our line of products and services today, including:-

and much more…

Techno Type aims to provide you with the quality and service that the big names don’t. With us, your custom is never taken for granted and we are always there to help.

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